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January 1, 2003
10:40 pm

Despite the (internal) drama leading up to deciding what to do, New Years Eve was a blast.

Foster, SS the SS and I all met up for dinner - we got take out from El Pollo Rico and went back to Foster and Fabian's to hang out and finish getting ready. SS the SS and I tried to convince Foster to wear her fabulous new shirt but she went for the camel turtleneck instead.

foster and me, ready to go
(above) Foster and me, heading out the door

Met up with the rest of the gang at Foggy Bottom (D and Fergus, Demmert and Darren, Leigh and Porter) and headed to the party. Was held by a sort of boyfriend of a friend of Demmert's. The booze was regrettable (cheap cheap stuff - thank goodness people had brought their own) but the location was great with a cool roof deck and pool.

demmert, d, and leigh
(above) Demmert, D and Leigh on the deck, with Foster and Fabian in the background.

We stayed outside for a bit (the night was warm for December) - conversation ended up being divided between men and women. Once we realized the eighth-grade-ness of it all we used the opportunity to talk about every feminine thing we'd never discuss in mixed company. After sufficiently grossing ourselves out, we moved to the pool and hung out as a big group.

d, me, and foster
(above) D, me and Foster posing by the pool

11:20, SS the SS and I left to go over to Talullah's party. Thankfully there was no problem getting a cab and by the time we got there the party was way underway. Talullah had warned us that it would be mostly women but by the time we got there the women were leaving and men still streaming in. Woo hoo.

Rang in the new year and spent the next several hours dancing, drinking and talking. Got home some time around 4 (thanks to a very sweet and sober friend of a friend who drove SS the SS and I home even it was 20 minutes out of his way). Slept hard, woke up (only slightly headachy) to a new year.

a m. just a m

Doing (life and related tasks): Recovering from little sleep and a respectable amount of booze last night.

Doing (crafty stuff): am between projects.

Wanting: some sleep.

Anticipating: my party this weekend, some shopping with friends, and finishing up a few projects at work this week.

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