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January 7, 2003
10:15 pm

Sent out my e-mails to ask friends to come to the event next week at the Sewall-Belmont House.

I think I've mentioned meetings there in passing - a few months ago Sarah asked me if I wanted to join this new young professionals group. Since it combined historic preservation, Capitol Hill, women's history, and cool people (all great loves of mine) I agreed to join up.

And it's been great. The Sewall Belmont House is gorgeous, situated behind the Supreme Court - I lived on the hill just a few blocks away for years and never knew it was there. The group is fun - many NTHP employees, mostly women, and all committed equally to sharing the house's history and having a good time.

So we're having an event next week. Our inaugural event. I've been amazingly lame about getting people to donate things (despite years working in fundraising I hate asking people for money or donations) but I did spend a fair amount of time designing the invitation and getting it ready for press. We have postcards but I sent out the majority of my invites via e-mail.

And because I'm so enamored of my own writing and design (an attractive trait, I know) I'm sharing both my e-mail copy and the invitation here:

Maybe [Sarah] already sent you something. In case not or in case you need extra convincing I'm e-mailing to invite you to an event at the Sewall-Belmont House next week. The invitation is attached but I've also included several other reasons to go.

* It's a great cause - the Sewall Belmont House itself is gorgeous and contains amazing items that span all parts of the early women's rights and suffrage movements.

* It's a great group - there's [Sarah] and I of course but the rest of the steering committee members (both women and men) are also interesting and fun.

* You can prove that love of historic preservation you keep talking about. Don't you remember mentioning it that night at that party? Oh well...

* The house is easily accessible from either the red (Union Station) or orange/blue lines (Capitol South).

* I designed the invitation so if you tell them that you looooooved it they may let me design more.

* The early start and end time means you can go out elsewhere later if you really need to. Heck - just go to the party and I'll go out with you afterwards.

So if you can make it, I hope to see you there. E-mail me if you have any questions. And, thanks! ; )


(Link to the invitation itself - here as a approx. 100K jpg)

Am looking forward to it. I imagine it will take some time for the organization to really take off, and perhaps longer for us to figure ut what it will look like and do. But it is exciting to be involved in the beginning of something, and to feel a distinct (potential) impact in the preservation of some little known but would-be-missed treasures.

a m. just a m

Doing (life and related tasks): Met with the PDF main man at work and got a lot of good suggestions for how to improve my document. After work, met with Demmert and SS the SS for coffee and career talk.

Doing (crafty stuff): Still nothing right now.

Wanting: Help for the last couple of bits of party cleanup here. Not that people didn't offer to help but I didn't want to make them sweep the carpet. Now I kind of wish I had.

Anticipating: A series of meetings that will finally clear up questions on a big work project I'm doing. At least I hope.

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