cherry blossom branch


cherry blossom branch

Listening: "Long Time Gone" by the Dixie Chicks.

Reading (perhaps quality): Finished Wives and Daughters (by Elizabeth Gaskell) and am now readings Playing the Bones (by Louise Reed). The switch from 19th century England to 20th century Texas is much appreciated.

Reading (definitely pulp): Nothing.

Drinking: Some water. Yes I am a creature of habit.

March 11, 2003
10:35 pm

Am halfway through my other-people's-weddings week. Otherwise known as the oh-wow-they-really-are-getting-married week. Hot damn.

Last night went with Tess and Troy to meet up with their priest to talk about the reading for their wedding in June. The priest is great and he walked them through the ceremony. Wow. Hadn't really thought much about the wedding ceremony. There's been a lot of wedding talk from everyone over the last year but most of it has been reception or clothing based - what does the dress look like, what kind of wine will be served, etc. The actual ceremony, well I'd near forgotten that that would be a part of the day at all.

But not after the priest talked with them about each part of it and what it meant. Though I needed to be there only when we briefly talked about the scripture readings it was amazing to be there the whole time. Those words one hears so often in movies or whatever, really thinking about the commitment that the two of them are going to make to eachother. Wow. The bravery, the emotion of it astounds me.

Of course the rest of the evening was much less gooey. We went to dinner and hung out. The two of them crack me the hell up.

blossoms galore

Had a much nicer night tonight than (secondarily) planned. Was supposed to have dinner with A-Train but he ditched me (something about not having slept in two days due to finishing a big case). Was expecting to just head home for an evening of knitting and Netflix but a couple of my co-workers brought me along to a swank reception. The artwork (Herblock editorial cartoons) was incredible and the setup there in the great hall breathtaking. Definitely a good way to end a busy but not-very-productive day.

Was a rather slow-motion day. Had a doctor's appointment today in the late morning so didn't go into work until noon. Then turned around and went to a Sewall Belmont meeting for lunch. By the time I got back I had enough time to check e-mails and catch up on a couple of projects before I was in a near-two-hours meeting. Glad today's over - looking forward to beginning tomorrow with a fresh start and clean bill of health.

Did manage to get the invites out for D's bachelorette party. Will post it here once the event's over (because I do love to show off my work and I don't want any gate crashers you know ; ) but it involves a bunch of awesome girls, some place where we can get plenty of drinks, listen to good music, and harmlessly flirt with boys likely too young for us. Looking very forward to it!

a m. just a m

Doing (life and related tasks): Busy at work. Cultural activities committee for the Sewall-Belmont House. Bachelorette planning for D. Doctors appointments for me.

Doing (crafty stuff): Still knitting. Will talk more about it once it looks like the sweater will actually get finished.

Wanting: A day off to do nothing, then a day off to get things done. Oh, and a bookcase.

Anticipating: Getting a real strong handle on my projects at work.

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