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March 31, 2003
12:41 pm

Starting to get back into life here in DC.

Went back to work on Thursday - physically exhausted from getting in late the night before (thank you to D for picking me up from my 11:30 pm flight!), emotionally exhausted from seeing my grandmother so sick, and just bewildered by the huge difference between Las Vegas NM and Washington DC. At one point in the hospital someone asked where I lived and when I told them they said "Oh you live in the United States" with only a trace of sarcasm. Northern New Mexico is a completely different experience than anywhere - a combination of Spain and the Southwest with some Pueblo thrown in. If I didn't have so much family there I think I'd be lost - or even worse, not stay long enough to realize how wonderful it is. Less than a week back here and I already miss the strong dry breezes and the even stronger green chiles, hearing my name said properly with a spanish accent.

Then after a couple of days at work - whoosh, it was the weekend. Had a relaxing time - got to sleep in, hang out with TB a bunch and SS the SS some. Kept in daily touch with my Mom et al - called Keith on Saturday for the scoop, and Mom called yesterday with more information. Even though it still seems that the doctor doesn't know what's going to happen it's a relief to talk with my family, at least we're all sharing a similar sense of sadness, exhaustion, and hope.

Other than that? It's been nice to actually see TB after not seeing him for a couple of weeks (mostly my fault). Been going loca with the embroidery. Watched a couple of movies (of course - the Netflix madness continues). Had a great time with SS the SS yesterday baking cake and catching up after not seeing her for a while. Have a full slate of plans for next week. Finally sent out the pictures from D's bachelorette so should have some of them up here sometime soon. So it's been busy but filled with activities that remind me that life does go on, that there are people who I like to see and who like to see me. It's not as good as things going back to the way they were a few weeks ago but it'll have to do.

a m. just a m

Doing (life and related tasks): Had a relaxing weekend - watched and actually quite enjoyed basketball on Friday, went to a party and heard a band on Saturday, and got some good embroidery and baking done on Sunday.

Doing (crafty stuff): Embroidery completely rocks. Did a pillow case but would like to try towels and underwear (though with non-scratchy thread).

Wanting: Still for my grandmother to get better. Anything else is just secondary.

Anticipating: News on the job, slightly warmer weather.

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