cherry blossom branch


cherry blossom branch

Listening: :"The Good Life" by Weezer. That song is a no-fail mood lifter for me.

Reading (perhaps quality): Still looking for something good.

Reading (definitely pulp): A Bottomless Grave and Other Victorian Tales of Terror

Drinking: Diet Coke with ice.

April 3, 2003
10:33 pm

Travel finally got approved for my conference trip. There have been a lot of jokes about my heading to Ft. Lauderdale for business but I suspect that CHI will be more "Where the HCI Geeks Are" than "Where the Boys Are". But after days and days of stressing and it looking like it wasn't going to happen I have a hotel room and a flight and a conference registration. Next week sucks to be away - there is so so so much work to do I get ill thinking about it but that's when the conference is and... well that's it.

Have been a complete stress case. Things feel generally positive but still uncertain at work and everywhere else. You know, the way where you're pretty sure that things will work out well in the end but it's not sure yet. Have been calling my parents and mom's been extremely patient with all my angst. I can recognize when I'm being unreasonable, really. It's just nice to have someone soothe me a little, regardless.

And the weather's been friggin amazing. Yesterday and today have been outside as much as possible. No coats! Sunshine! Blossoms on the trees! Right now it's low humidity and pre-allergies, the beauteous DC condition that lasts less than a week. Bliss!

Has been so good to see people lately. Between spending time with TB and all the travel I've been up to I feel I haven't seen anyone lately. But good talks (and dinners) with three old friends have done a lot to restore my sense of balance and my amazement that I've got such cool people in my day-to-day.

a m. just a m

Doing (life and related tasks): It's been good catching up with people. Saw A-Train on Tuesday, Talullah on Wednesday and Beley tonight.

Doing (crafty stuff): More embroidery. Really need to take some photos.

Wanting: Still - for my grandmother to get better. Though I'm incessantly (and perhaps inherently) complainy anything else is really secondary.

Anticipating: CHI - what else?

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