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iced tea

Listening: "Every Day" by Rachel Garlin

Reading (perhaps quality): still (pleasantly) working through Face of an Angel by Denise Chavez.

Reading (definitely pulp): Nothing right now.

Drinking: Lukewarm coffee. During grad school I almost convinced myself that it was okay to drink it this way. I'm now doubtful.

September 12, 2003
12:26 pm

So Crate and Barrel says they'll be delivering my things on Saturday.

Last weekend when they also made that promise it was such a mess - the guy came to the door and said that he hoped I had someone to bring the things up. I asked why and he said that because I don't have an elevator they wouldn't be able to bring things up to the apartment and I would have to get them from the truck. Now, I have been going to the gym but there's no way in heaven hell or anywhere else that I could bring a bed and dresser up the stairs by myself. I looked at the form and saw that it was a "threshold" delivery and explained that we were standing at the threshold of my apartment right then. He said that because of the whole third-floor-walk-up thing my apartment has going on it was no dice. I was so frustrated my eyes started tearing up. I could tell he felt awful and he offered to try the two of us carrying things and I said that while I appreciated the offer he had his orders and my beef was with Crate and Barrel. So he left and I called.

Customer service was less than helpful - the woman said that that was standard procedure and I asked if they'd ever encountered this problem because I couldn't believe that I was the only person to live in an older building to get furniture delivered. I mentioned that I'd just had something delivered from Hecht's without this drama. She said she didn't think she'd be able to do anything, that she'd have to talk to someone, that I'd probably have to pay more, and that she'd call me back.

She didn't. I called on Monday to cancel my order and the woman I got then was awesome - she apologized for the problem (something Ms. Saturday didn't do), told me how she was going to remedy it, and assured me there would be no cost to me. Hurrah.

So Saturday I'm expecting my things. Am looking forward to being able to take my clothes out of plastic bags and have them in a dresser. A having a bed that looks like a real bed. I mean this minimalist, college-esque, zen-tastic lifestyle I've been leading is getting a tad tired.


And I'm getting a cat. At least that's the plan. Having another living thing completely depend on me (though I know I can be responsible this still makes me a little nervous). Having someone to hang out with at home (I love being at my place but it can get quiet). Needing to buy a lint brush (probably wouldn't have killed me to have bought one before this point). I look forward to having the pitter patter of little (cat) feet around the place. It's just a change.

a m. just a m

Doing (life and related tasks): Flash class earlier this week. Drinks with Demmert and dinner with A-Train last night. Still cleaning.

Doing (crafty stuff): Need to get the glaze ready for the fortune cookie fortune magnets.

Wanting: An extra day off.

Anticipating: My new gato this week. Oh and having Crate and Barrel actually deliver my things.

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