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September 14, 2003
2:15 pm

"Woop! Woop! (pause) Woop! Woop!"

That would be an approximation of the stylings (and probably mating call) of the Joey Fatone look alike we met at the party last night.

Went to a post-college-frat-party with Mel and Martha. Was a lot nicer than any parties I remember from college. The keg beer was drinkable, there were tents up in case of rain, there was music but you could actually talk over it. And in a decided shift from the usual Arlington scene there were a lot more guys than girls there.

That's where Mr. Woop! Woop! came in. We met him while walking the gauntlet of men between the bathroom and the patio. His friend stopped us, grabbed someone's hand, placed it on Mr. Woop! Woop!'s chest and said that we had to feel it since his friend was a personal trainer. Then Mr. Woop! Woop! said no his friend had the better chest and we had to feel that. Laughing we played along for a minute, listening to them praise eachother to the heavens, then went back outside.

Fast forward about an hour and Mr. Woop! Woop! came over to talk to us complaing that some girl had just said that he looked like someone from 'N Sync or New Kids on the Block. We all took a close look at him - exactly what he wanted us to do, I suppose - and said NKOTB-no but 'N Sync-definitely (it was the spiky short hair and earring).

But Mr. Woop! Woop! hit his stride a while later, after complaining about how some other woman had dissed him. Martha joked that the only way a guy would really impress her would be if he jumped in a circle on one foot while calling out "Woo Woo". Well, Mr. Woop! Woop! was happy to get any leg up possible and started jumping up and down and yelling "Woop! Woop!". People stared but he kept doing it. Mel, Martha and I about died laughing, and the cool thing was that this guy knew he looked like an ass but kept "Woop! Woop!"-ing it up any way. Repeatedly. For like half an hour. And amazingly enough it was still funny.


When you're at a party, talking to a guy and start wondering how many dates you'd have to go on with him before you could ask him to come over and put a bunch of furniture together... well it's time to get out your own tools and start building.

The stuff from Crate and Barrel came in yesterday. It's all here in my apartment. Alas, it's here in boxes. Boxes that I now have to open, remove the contents from, and assemble. That plus the table and chairs I bought from IKEA a while back means that I have a whole lot of furniture that needs building. Now my father will be in town not this coming weekend but the one following so I have contemplated letting all this stuff sit until then then asking his help. An exbf offered to build all of it and though I appreciate the offer it feels strange to accept. Fabian has put together things for me in the past but he's such a great guy I hate to ask.

So it's up to me. Put together a chair yesterday... would like to get someone stronger (or an electric scredriver) to tighten them up a little bit but it feels stable now. Now on to the rest of the things...

a m. just a m

Doing (life and related tasks): Going through some old things, trying to make room to build and set up my new furniture.

Doing (crafty stuff):Dude - building some new things is crafty enough or me today.

Wanting: this stuff to be put together and the boxes taken away, magically.

Anticipating: sleeping well tonight.

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