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iced tea

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September 15, 2003
10:29 pm

Damn. Will this furniture madness never end?

The ever-wonderful SS the SS came over last night to watch "Dogma", go over to VASQ and get some EPR, and help me put some furniture together. The movie was great, the food deliciosa, and the furniture maddening.

(above) the living room as a maze of massive boxes

We started with dresser. The drawers went together with no problems - all the wooden pieces and hardware were there, they even included a screwdriver. The results were solid feeling, looked good, great! Then we started to put together the rest of it. Looked at the directions again, took out the pieces, realized that we were missing about half the washers we needed. They just weren't there - not with the hardware, not attached to the wooden pieces, not among the packing material. So I called Crate and Barrel's customer service line and spoke to the very nice Dana. I explained that I was missing some hardware she said she'd connect me to a different line who would be able to help, where I heard a message that that office was closed and I'd have to call back later. I called Dana back again and said that I really was trying to be patient but after having to wait extra time to get these things delivered I wasn't going to wait until tomorrow to get someone moving on the damn washers. I asked if I could pick up a set at the store and she said no but she'd express mail them to me so I would get them Tuesday or Wednesday. I said that I really wanted them right now so I didn't have a half completed dresser in the middle of my apartment but that I could handle it.

(above) footboard, with gouge

So then SS the SS and I moved on to the bed frame. This time we checked all the hardware, and slowly moved the massive pieces from the living room to my room. Moved the bed so it was against the wall and took down the bed frame. Unpacked the side rails, the slats, the headboard - all fine. Opened the box for the footboard and there was a huge gash in it. At this point I was about ready to cry. So I talked to Dana at Crate and Barrel again and explained the situation. She apologized, said of course they would send me a replacement immediately but that because it was going basic freight it would be a couple of weeks. I said how that really was unacceptable - I already had a half completed dresser and didn't need to add a half completed bed for an extended period of time. Then of course my cell phone gave out. So I called back, and when I got her again Dana said that she talked to her manager and they would send the footboard by UPS and that it should be at my place by Tuesday/Wednesday. I asked if she could be sure that the UPS-Man would bring it up to my apartment (that footboard is big) and she said to call [tonight] to get the tracking number and from there we could get more info.

(above) the headboard with the hole-y box

SS the SS and I then carried the huge boxes to the dumpster - multiple trips carrying bulky boxes in the humid weather wasn't pleasant, but I was/am/continue-to-be grateful for her willingness to soldier on.


Other than that? Had a great time at SnB at Demmert's tonight. Busy day at work. All good.

a m. just a m

Doing (life and related tasks): SnB tonight at Demmert's. Did no stitching but plenty of bitching.

Doing (crafty stuff): See above.

Wanting: My furniture to be here and assembled.

Anticipating: See above.

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