iced tea


iced tea

Listening: The Blues (that PBS special) is on right now. Though I'm not really watching the music is cool...

Reading (perhaps quality): Am between books.

Reading (definitely pulp): Nothing.

Drinking: Nothing.

September 28, 2003
9:25 pm

In the last week I got a cat. Yup. I have a cat. I'm a late-20's spinster librarian with a cat. Thank goodness she (my cat, Anna) is just so cute.

see caption below
(above) Anna, checking out something on my floor

see caption below
(above) Anna looking unimpressed by my camera

The cat's sweet and so far well trained and very affectionate but I'm still adjusting to having her around to having anyone around the apartment with me. I feel guilty when away from the house, despite the way she practically ushers me out of the door in the morning so she can get some sleep. Would that she would sleep more at night... her pathetic meowings outside my bedroom door keep me both awake and guilty (I love her but with some allergy issues prefer to sleep in a cat-free zone).

So we've been together a week now and both seem to be adjusting. Am glad to have her around. Hope she feels the same.

a m. just a m

Doing (life and related tasks): Dad and Carmen were here, work's been busy, Foster and Fabian had a party, and I got a cat.

Doing (crafty stuff): Nada.

Wanting: Nothing right now, really.

Anticipating: A more quiet week.

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