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Listening: Faith by George Michael. Though it doesn't entirely fit (okay it barely does) this is my favorite song today for the chorus, alone.

Reading (perhaps quality): still with Cadillac Desert: The American West and Its Disappearing Water
by Marc Reisner

Reading (definitely pulp): nothing but will probably pick something up on the trip.

Drinking: coffee and tea and more coffee.

December 30, 2003
11:54 am

"I'm so tired, I don't know what to do..."
(from the song "I'm So Tired" - Lennon/McCartney)

Got about 3 hours of sleep last night. A variety of factors were involved.

Overactive Radiators: Okay I can't blame just them -- it's a combination of being on the third floor, the unseasonably warm weather, and my overactive radiators. Finally just turned them all off and even then was still overwarm. Got rid of my down comforter and put on the polyfill one and was still overwarm. Considered taking a cold shower but I was already having enough trouble sleeping.

A Squirmy Cat: Anna decided she wanted to sleep snuggled up with me. Usually she nestles into the crook of my arm and conks out but last night she was having a little difficulty figuring out exactly how she wanted to sleep. Five minutes one way. Then she'd shift. And then shift again. She was like one of those cootie catchers my friends and I used to make in grade school - folding and unfolding every which way. At first it was kind of amusing. Until I realized that it really was keeping me up.

Things to Think About: A couple of thorny problems at work. Weirdness with this guy. As the night wore on and I was drifting in and out some of the analysis and solutions I came up with got pretty wild, makes me wish I'd written it down.

Nervousness about my trip: The usual -- Anxiety that I'd forgotten to pack something, followed by the realization I hadn't packed anything and needed to do so in the morning. Being worried that something funky would happen and I wouldn't have a good time, followed by reassuring myself of course everything would be fine. Rinse, repeat.

So today I'm a little out of it, kept buoyant by a combination of trip excitement, caffeine, work, and sheer will. It just needs to be enough to keep me up until around 2 or 3 this morning. Better go get another cup of coffee.

a m. just a m

Doing (life and related tasks): Trying to finish up some things at work. And getting very very psyched for Vegas!

Doing (crafty stuff): Froging a a not so successful version of the purple purse so that I can make it again (better).

Wanting: To wake up now and a good night's sleep tonight.

Anticipating: All manners of good craziness this week.

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