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May 09, 2004
10:48 pm

Last night was the surprise party for Demmert's 30th birthday. D and Darren had been planning it for about a month now and miraculously the horde of us not only managed to keep the party a secret, but also that Demmert's mother and sister were coming in from out of town.

SS the SS and I ordered and picked up the cake as well as a spate of birthday paraphernalia (hats, signs, horns, etc). Despite trying to arrive early early we were confounded by Georgetown parking and ended up being the last of the gang to arrive. Luckily we got there well before Demmert and Darren.

see caption, below
(above) Fergus writing in the photo book and Fabian just posing.

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(Above) D looking at the book and Fergus laughing.

I focused on getting horns onto all of the tables, others put up the sign. That still left plenty of time for drinking.

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(Above) Foster, Sarah's beau, Sarah, and Frederick, with beer.

After some photo taking I gave Fabian my camera and told him to take some pictures for me. Below is what I got. I promptly took the camera back.

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(Above) Fabian's cockeyed shot of D and Foster. I really don't remember the room being *that* dark.

The invite said to arrive at 7:30, Demmert and Darren were scheduled to be there at 8 but didn't get there until closer to 8:30. So there was a lot of waiting. Which actually was great for a little catching up.

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(Above) Demmert's mom, in the middle of a conversation.

Didn't actually catch a picture Demmert coming in the room (a million other people were all taking photos - hey if have one feel free to send it to me). But she was surprised and thrilled to see Sarah (a college friend from out of town) and especially her mom and sister there.

There was some more talking and milling around but by that point SS the SS and I were more than ready for dinner and trying to convince people to sit down so we could start already.

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(Above) Me, with a birthday hat, trying to show people just how much fun sitting down at the table is.

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(Above) But Demmert, with the hat we made her wear on, still wants to catch up with her guests!

Dinner was delish, or at least as delish as German food is. SS the SS and I shared an order of cold cherry soup (rather dessert-y, with cinnamon and whipped cream) and we all goofed around as we waited for our food.

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(Above) Foster and Fabian, proving that the birthday streamers really do work.

Then, of course, there was posing with the food.

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(Above) Me, with my dinner. And yes, still wearing the hat.

We all leisurely ate, Darren gave a sweet speech to Demmert, we dove into the cake (carrot cake from Heidelberg - yum) and the evening wound down. SS the SS and I headed out to meet up with Beley and Bibi but not before saying a goodbye to everyone. Was a great time - and I only wish I took more photos to prove it!

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(above) the impromptu wax stegosaurus. Maybe you had to be there.

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Doing (life and related tasks): loafing about the joint.

Doing (crafty stuff): finished some embroidery yesterday, am starting on Christmas presents now.

Wanting: another few days in the weekend?

Anticipating: some damn answers this week (either gotten or made).

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