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iced tea


November 04, 2004
10:09 pm

Let's not talk about the election.

I'm happy I'm an American, I support the democratic process. Maybe its because I'm from Berkeley (and though I respect their opnions) I just don't understand how so much of the country could have voted for that man. How with a withering economy, restricted civil liberties, an now-it-appears-groundless and endless war without an exit plan, and no credibilty with the international community, how with all of that they could have thought four more years would be a good idea. I understand reservations about Kerry and wanting to feel safe but still just don't understand how things turned out as they did.

SS the SS and I often talk about how growing up in the Bay Area gives one skewed version of reality. How its easy to think that everyone is slightly kooky but generally reasonable, believing that the world is full of grey but educated and differing opinions should be respected. I just don't know. With the increasingly restrictive political and social climate such open exchange just seems too threatening for so many Americans.

So I'm glad that I start volunteering at the rape crisis center in January. Since I can't do anything about the election results, it'll feel good to support something I believe in.

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