iced tea


iced tea

Listening: Was singing It Had to Be You, Don't Get Around Much Anymore, and Supernova on the walk home earlier.

Reading (perhaps quality): Still rereading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Pirsig.

Reading (definitely pulp): Nothing.

Drinking: Nothing.

February 14, 2005
9:49 pm

It's February 14th and what have I snagged today?

  1. A very sweet card from my father
  2. A "Happy Valentines Day" from the normally taciturn security guard when I walked in
  3. A come-on in my hotmail account from

All in all its definitely been a Happy Valentines Day.

summertime and the living is easy

Sent out my valentines a couple of weeks ago. Thinking them up and making them is one of my favorite yearly rituals. There are few rules but they have to be at least partially handmade, suitable for people in or out of relationships, and okay to send to everyone from my father to my latest beau(x).

This year's one of my favorites.

see below for caption
(above) red valentine and pink insert

Text for the pink insert:

I get to wish y'all a Happy Valentines Day every year and this time wanted to share the wealth. Enclosed is a valentine (already stamped) for you to send out yourself/selves. Go and let your significant other, best friend, secret crush, mailman, whoever know how much you really care (And if for some reason you can do all of that with one valentine, e-mail me because we clearly need to catch up).

So, Happy Valentines Day! Thank you for brightening my year, and may 2005 bring you all the love, luck and joy you can handle!

Text for the red valentine :

Dear ___________________

It's that valentine time of year again, and someone would like you to know that they really

[] like          [] love         [] admire         [] adore    
[] lust over   [] ______________________________
[] all of the above      

you. They're glad that you're in their life and wanted to wish you a Happy (perhaps belated) Valentines Day.


(Don't feel badly if they didn't sign. Perhaps they're shy?)    

summertime and the living is easy

The path to the design this year had a couple of detours. First idea was to do a cootie catcher like the ones I made in elementary school. It would go with the fortune telling / game of chance theme I'd been doing the last couple of years and be creative. Well it also took forever - each catcher took 5 minutes or so with a lot of writing and drawing work. add in that I couldn't guarantee that everyone would be familiar enough to use them... it was time to move on.

see caption below
(above) interior of the cootie catcher

Then I decided to go for my current design but with glitter around the edges. It started off well but ended with glitter in the dining room, glitter in the shower, glitter in my hair, glitter on the cat, etc - it was like the B-52's Love Shack in my apartment. Not a bad thing but impractical for me and likely annoying for the the less whimsical/glitter-loving of my friends.

see caption, below
(above) glitter, glue, pencils, paint, earrings, a drink -
all part of the artistic mess

see caption, below
(above) Anna, looking unimpressed with the effort

So I went with the gold paint pens instead - colorful, different, and non-shedding. Perfect.

summertime and the living is easy

So, Happy Valentines Day, all. Much love and luck and joy to us all
this coming year!

a m. just a m

Doing (life and related tasks): Had a burger with the girls tonight - much much fun.

Doing (crafty stuff): Nothing today, spent the metro ride with the book.

Wanting: These photos to download faster.

Anticipating: Just enjoying right now, actually.

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