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iced tea

Listening: Good Things by Sleater-Kinney

Reading (perhaps quality): The Wind in The Willows by Kenneth Grahame

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March 09, 2005
9:56 pm

Below? Four notes I really wanted to send today.

summertime and the living is easy

To my cat, Anna:

What the hell was going on last night? I know it was windy and
therefore noisy (and not a little freaky), but what was the deal with
the running around the apartment? To and fro, to and fro - you were
zipping all over the place. At first it was kind of funny, then kind
of annoying, then really annoying.

You are cute and sweet but enough is enough. Unlike you I can't sleep all day, so if you could keep the dashing around the place restricted to the daytime hours I'd appreciate it.

- Your weary owner

summertime and the living is easy

To the woman in the red coat who cut me off in line at the farecard
machine this morning:

I am so so sorry. You must be really important. Or recently reintroduced into human society after being raised by wolves. Because otherwise I'm tapped on explanations for you deciding that your line was moving too slow and then jumping in front of me to cut into mine.

You know, the you're-important explanation must be right because after you cut me off in order to save three seconds of waiting in your line your card didn't work so I had to wait, and then you stopped right at the end of the turnstile to slowly put your card away making the rest of us have to stop short then walk around you. But that's cool. We just all should be glad you're taking metro because if that's how you drive you'd be leaving seven car pileups in your wake.

- The tired woman in the green coat

summertime and the living is easy

To coffee:

I've tried to live without you but it really doesn't work. You know I love you. Just add a dash of milk and I'm in heaven, feeling the sweet sweet tingle of alertness going from mouth to mind to body.

Mmmmm. I just wish that you didn't require what seems in the morning an immense amount of effort to make in the short time before I leave the house for work. Without you I'm too sluggish to do more than the bare minimum, with you I know I'd be unstoppable. Can you help me out here somehow with some kind of advance on awakeness? Thanks!

- Your slave

summertime and the living is easy

To the woman in the purple sweater who was sitting at the next table at lunch:

Okay, the Pad Thai wasn't the most savory but I must admit I was intrigued by your seasoning. Pouring on fully a quarter of the bottle of soy sauce then salting and peppering it until I could barely see the noodles from the next table over.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with what you did (as its your food) but with your strange sense of taste I'm probably glad that you're not coming over to dinner at my house soon. Then again with my cooking abilities you're probably glad too.

- The woman next to you who was really trying not to stare

a m. just a m

Doing (life and related tasks): Cleaning the apartment and setting aside things to give away.

Doing (crafty stuff): Working on a blanket made of yarn scraps. There's something really comforting about knitting together things too small to be substantial on their own.

Wanting: I don't know. Something.

Anticipating: Getting some project work settled before there's any scope shift.

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