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iced tea

Listening: Kim Wilde by Charlotte Hathaway, Portland Oregon by Loretta Lynne, The Wind Blew All Around Me by Mary Lou Lord, Highway 69 by Tammy Faye Starlite

Reading (perhaps quality): Big Sur by Jack Kerouac

Reading (definitely pulp): Nada.

Drinking: Iced Tea from a mix.

March 26, 2005
2:15 pm

I've actually been doing a ton of writing in the old pen and paper journal (more portable, less public). Trying to think about what else has changed in the last couple of weeks. Not a heck of a lot but things do feel different. And different and better is the most I'm hoping for lately.

Found some great music online - a whole cache of mp3s over on the SXSW Music Conference site (the next time I have an extra week, an extra $600, and someone on hand who likes live music I'm going) including a great one by Mary Lou Lord that's making me feel springlike and breezy in a way that the crappy weather outside amazingly doesn't.

Speaking of spring have been laid up with allergies. Circle of life whatever - though I hear the consumptive look is h-o-t this year I want whatever's making me be all glassy-eyed, vaguely headachy go away. It can leave the cool gravely voice though...

Saw Bug and Keith last week as they breezed through town on the college tour circuit. As a junior in high school she's starting to get anxious as she's thinking about where she wants to go to school and the whole decision passes from possibility to reality. There really are a million possibilities in front of her. And it's funny - she was talking about how she's not used to crossing busy streets all the time and I realized, I'd forgotten she didn't grow up in Berkeley across the Bay from San Francisco so of course all of that is strange for her. There are so many ways we get eachother I forget that there's a lot we don't share.

Otherwise? Just cleaning up a ton of things, finally getting rid of all the give away stuff in my apartment and with the first detail on my LDP job almost done trying to figure out what the hell I want to do next. But like I said all's good, and if the weather and sickness is good for nothing else it give plenty of time and space for plannin'

a m. just a m

Doing (life and related tasks): Looking back - there was a trip to Dewey, a fair amount of work, Mel's birthday...

Doing (crafty stuff): Baby hats a go-go for Tom's and ette's little ones.

Wanting: See the allergy bit to the left.

Anticipating: SS the SS finally coming back soon!

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