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iced tea

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December 03, 2005
8:48 pm

The afternoon started off with paperwork and rounded off with hearing the heartbeats of twin baby girls.

Carrie, Jen and I had talked about going to the Ritz for holiday tea. Plan was to do it today but then Jen couldn't join us because she's on bed rest and at the hospital very patiently following doctors orders. So rather than skipping the whole thing Carrie and I made plans to take tea to the hospital and hung out there for a while.

But the early part of the moning was a little more business-y. So exciting - yesterday after like a year of waiting I found out there's an apartment open in the building JennyB lives in. Its a great location, reasonable rent, and the apartment has a balcony. A Balcony! So even though I love this new furniture arrangement of mine and I can't imagine how the hell I'm going to fit all my things in an efficiency without it looking like the home equivalent of a clown car I'm planning on making the move there. So last night I celebrated with JennyB et al and this morning turned my application in and spoke with the manager. Excellent.

Since I was out I walked up to CVS to pick up treats for Jen. I spent a while wandering the aisles, thinking about what a smart active extraverted woman on bed rest could want that I could find at CVS and put in a bag. Lip gloss, an eye mask, some sweets, sparkling cider, cookies. On the way to the cash register I remembered her saying that she'd read every magazine/tabloid out right now so I picked up a copy of Tiger Beat (figuring it was a better read than anything involving fly fishing).

Carrie and I then made our way to the hospital. Jen's husband and a college friend of theirs were in the room but cleared out to let us catch up. Was great to see her - she looks glowy and in good spirits. We hung out for a while, a nurse came in to take some readings and Jen let us stay while they did the sonagram. It was amazing to hear those heartbeats, even more amazing when I think that I can't think of better parents than Jen and her husband are going to be.

a m. just a m

Doing (life and related tasks): Looked at the new apartment, visited Jen.

Doing (crafty stuff): Going through my scrap yarn and knitting that stuff up.

Wanting: An answer to that eternal coat-or-no-dilemma.

Anticipating: A fun night out with Marie.

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